Photo Expo Winners. Congratulations to 1st Place and Special Category Winners!

Pamela Miller; Novice Winged Wonders; Trumpeter Swan In Yellowstone
Pamela Miller; Novice Wild Creatures Elk At Yellowstone Lake
Lori Detwiler; Novice History Heritage; Valuing Our Vietnam Veterans
Lori Detwiler; Novice Farm Life; MothersLove
Jim Ward; Best In Show; Serene Snapper
Jim Ward; Advanced Winged Wonders; Rosy Flyover
Jim Ward; Advanced A Bugs Life; Slaty Skimmer
Ethan Rasch; Novice Landscapes; Rainbow Canyon
Connee Chandler; Peoples Choice; Garnering Gnat chatcher
Connee Chandler; Novice A Bugs Life; What Big Eyes You Have
Brooke Harrington; <13 Wild Creatures; Afternoon Sun
Art Cole; Friends Choice; Nature’s Spark
Art Cole; Advanced Natural Landscapes; Cypress and Smoke
Amelia Klene; Advanced Roots and Buds; Perserverance
Amelia Klene; Advanced History and Heritage; Manassas Battlefield Deep Cut Control Burn
Amelia Klene; Advanced Farm Life; Spring Snow
Stana Harrington; <13 A Bugs Life; Green Lynx Spider
Emily Baird <13; Natural Landscapes; Iceland Lupines